1 Week Special

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Ambassador membership includes unlimted U.V. tanning up to Level 5. Pay $78 online and $29 per month. Must set up monthly billing off of a checking account. Twelve Month minimum. 

Online Special-Ambassador Membership $29mo

Bronze level SunCapsule Booth tans in 10 minutes using 160 watt bulbs

Stand Up Booth

Level2 Mini Max 160 Watt 20 minute max.   Most 160 watt beds only allow up to 12 minutes, this one goes up to 20 minutes! Perfect for beginner tanners looking to get a base tan. 

Level 2

Our most popular tanning bed. 160 watts. This is an extremely powerful tanning bed, recommended for veteran tanners. 

Level 3

Envy Level 4 Bed. 160 Watts, three Facial bulbs, 12 Minutes Sessions

Envy-Level 4

The ultimate bronzing bed, the Legend 442. 

Facial Tanners, shoulder tanners. 12 minute max.

Legend-Level 5