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The Premier tanning super salon in the Dallas Metroplex. Tan Dallas offers VersaPro, Norvell Custom Airbrush, and U.V. tanning for levels 1-5

Versa Spa Spray Booth
Just a couple of minutes to a lasting tan...

 - I LOVE Tan Dallas.  Kayla and Shannon are the best.  Everyone is so nice, the best tanning place EVER!     -Alyssa M.

 - I like your tanning salon.  Your staff is amazing, I never have to wait and ya'll are in a convenient location.   -David L.
 - Very Good!  Very Nice!     -Tina B. 


Tan Dallas, Inc., Tanning Salons, Dallas, TX


Air Brush Tanning
The ultimate tan....used by the stars...

I like it. Good Bed. Hannah E.

The first visit was great! Thanks. Adeline C.

First visit was great. Shannon was very helpful. Megan M.


Whether you do an Air Brush Tan, a Versa Spa Spray Tan, or a deep tanning bed, we want you to be our customer!

Legend 448 - - Want a tan in just 12 minutes?

Tanning beds: It's not the BEDS that tan, it's the BULBS! 
We change them TWICE as often as the bulb-makers say to.  Our bulbs are CLOSER to you than they are on most beds, making them STRONGER.  Our beds can tan you LONGER than most, making them STRONGER.  What does this mean to you?  DARKER TANS, FEWER TRIPS to our salons than others, and LOWER PRICES than big tanning chains.  BETTER TANS and BETTER PRICES!

Last UV tan 30 min before closing.
Last Versa Spa 45 min before closing
Monday - Thursday



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Tan Dallas, Inc., Tanning Salons, Dallas, TX

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